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At A-Z Business Solutions, we are proud of our long and successful track record of helping small and large businesses alike grow by eliminating the need for expensive in-house account management and financial service departments. We've streamlined the logistics of running business, so that you can focus solely on growth-related activities.  Our clientele operates throughout the United States and spans a vast variety of industries. We've helped hundreds of companies reach their full earning potentials over the past thirty years, and we're proud to continue rendering an extremely high ROI to an ever-expanding list of customers. Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our services!
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Keith Vollmar
Vollmar & Associates, LLC

"Rebecca and I have been working together right at 2 years. We will be going into our 3rd tax season working on 50 mutual clients.  I would give you the following reasons for using Rebecca:
  • Integrity – She does the right thing and takes care of her clients all of the time. Not just when they are watching.
  • Honesty – Will always be honest with you about your business, recommendations, and her thoughts.
  • Business Advisor – Truly believes in helping out business owners and doing whatever possible to help them be successful. Foremost, she thinks like a business owner, the big picture first and then looks at the business from the bookkeeping standpoint. Also, she will tell you the hard truths if needed.
  • Staff – She has some great people working with her. They portray the same qualities as Rebecca. They continue to grow and mature which is helping their business clients in a big way.
  • Mistakes – Yes they happen.Given the extent of her client base, the amount is pretty small. But the key is response. She takes ownership of those mistakes and will do whatever possible to get the situation back right.
  • Interests – Rebecca will put the client’s best interest first before her own.
Our two businesses have really grown close in the past 2 years. The main reason for that is our respective business philosophies are the same. A-Z and Rebecca have truly been a blessing to my business."

Wendy Corley
Winghaven Law, LLC

"I would be happy to offer a reference for Ms. Cooper! She is a fantastic person and wonderful at going beyond what is expected. She helped me through a tough business venture and I will be forever grateful for the kindness and support she showed me. She is willing to take on anything I throw at her. She has helped me not only with bookkeeping but keeping my business on track in so many ways. She has introduced me to other fantastic professionals along the way as well. She truly has her clients best interests in mind every day. I consider her a friend. Her staff is approachable and patient."
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